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Set Sails with Sailing Saaremaa!

Sailing in Kuressaare offers unforgettable adventures and memories that last a lifetime! From brief excursions along Kuressaare Bay to extended journeys spanning several days to the charming Estonian isles. Perhaps even venture to Gotland? We can craft an enjoyable voyage suitable for both seasoned sailors and novices alike.


Hen and Stag party

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate a Hen or Stag party? Step aboard our sailing yacht and set sail on the waters of Kuressaare Bay to make this occasion unforgettable!  Experience an extraordinary sea adventure with friends while enjoying the beautiful views and pleasant company. 


Joyride in Kuressaare bay

Short trips are an opportunity to make your vacation in Saaremaa memorable! Whether you're an experienced sailor or it's your first time sailing, it's bound to be exciting and relaxing.


Birthdays at sea

Do you want to organize an unforgettable birthday party? One option is to do it on a sailboat, enjoying the beautiful sea and wind. Surprise your friends or family with a special maritime experience, where you can celebrate and relax at the same time. Opportunity to make your birthday special!

sailing bavaria 37 feet 2001 model  in sunset.jpg

Sunset cruise

Why not enjoy sunset sailing in Saaremaa? Invite your friends or alone and spend an unforgettable evening under the sails as we dive into adventures on the Kuressaare bay!

sailing course photo with sailing ruler, map and compass.jpg

Sailing courses

Do you want to gain sailing experience under the guidance of an experienced captain? Join us and take part in exciting sailing lessons, where you'll learn maritime wisdom directly from the captain. Acquire innovative skills and enjoy maritime adventures with our professional crew!

photo session at modern sailboat.jpg

Photo session at sea

Experience unforgettable moments captured at sea with our onboard sailboat photo sessions! Whether it's a romantic couple shoot, a family portrait bathed in the glow of a sunset, or a fun gathering with friends, our skilled team ensures your maritime memories are beautifully preserved. 


Discover Abruka

The beautiful small island of Abruka is approximately a 1-hour sailing trip from Kuressaare. During the 4-hour journey, you'll have about 2 hours to explore the island. You can rent a truck for an excursion or taste local food on the island. The trip starts and ends at Kuressaare Yacht Harbor. We can help arrange the services available on the island.


Discover Ruhnu

This 3-day trip to Ruhnu Island offers you an unforgettable sailing experience and the opportunity to explore Estonia's most remote island in the Baltic Sea. Be sure to visit Ruhnu's famous wooden church, explore the recently renovated lighthouse, and enjoy the local way of life.


Discover Gotland

The shortest sea route from Estonia to Gotland starts from Saaremaa. Sailing to Gotland by yacht gives visiting the island a whole new dimension. Sailing from Kuressaare to Visby takes about 24 hours, during which enthusiasts can acquire sailing skills or simply unwind and listen to the waves of the Baltic Sea. Two days on the island provide ample time to explore its wonderful attractions and enjoy nature.

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