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For a pleasant journey, consider these essential recommendations:

Booking Terms and Conditions:

To confirm the reservation, a prepayment of 30% of the boat rental price is required

Cancellation Policy:

- If canceled 30 days in advance, we will refund the prepayment in full.

- If canceled 14-29 days in advance, we will refund 50% of the prepayment.

- If canceled less than 14 days in advance, the prepayment amount will not be refunded.

- In the event of a storm (when the wind blows steadily over 15 m/s), we will refund the prepayment in full.

- If it's raining and you do not wish to go to sea, we will find a suitable time together.


- The captain gives breef overview of safety rules.

- The home marina is Kuressaare City Harbour.

- FREE car parking in the Kuressaare City Harbour.  

- Boarding starts 15 minutes earlier prior departure.

- High heels and the sea do not mix. Light-colored soles, non-slip footwear is recommended.

- It is alway a bit cooler at sea than on land. Take warm wind- and waterproof clothes with you.

- You can bring your own snacks and drinks but you can also  order catering from us. 

- NO red wine, strawberries, and cherries on board.

- For on-board dining, a cleaning fee of €20 is added to the yacht rental price. 

- The captain has the right to refuse visibly intoxicated passengers from boarding.

- Delphine is an A-class offshore yacht that can accommodate up to 12 people along with the crew. For longer trips, the optimal number of passengers is 6. There are 6 sleeping berths on board. Sleeping attire is included.

- Our sailboat is equipped with the required safety equipment and have undergone inspection by the Estonian Maritime Administration. Our captains hold professional shipmaster certificates and have also undergone various safety training.

- If you are sailing with children, please inform us in advance of the number of children so that we can ensure the availability of suitable-sized life jackets for them. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory for children on our boat.


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