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Discover Gotland

Ojamaa Island (Gotland) is a breathtakingly beautiful, fairytale-like island that's perfect for everyone's vacation. Ojamaa is the largest island in the Baltic Sea belonging to the Kingdom of Sweden. It's located 90 km off the coast of Sweden and 160 km from Saaremaa. Gotland has plenty to offer outside Visby as well. You can visit various coastal villages or explore the island of Fårö at the northern tip of Gotland, enjoying beautiful sea views or embarking on a culinary journey with local delicacies. This 4-day trip provides ample sailing experience while allowing time to explore the island.

- up to 6 people (excluding crew)
- 2400€ / 4 day trip
- Local services available for an additional fee.
- Extended stays on the island negotiable.
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