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Discover Abruka

Embark on an unforgettable sailing trip from Kuressaare Harbor to Abruka Island, just an hour and half away by sailboat from Kuressaare City Harbour.

Discover the enchanting nature of Abruka and enjoy the sea view as you sail towards this beautiful small island. Let Abruka greet you!

During a pleasant vacation in Saaremaa, a sailing trip to Abruka can be a fantastic addition. On Abruka, you can taste local food, and why not take a tour of the island in an open-bed truck. Whether it's a romantic day at sea or an adventurous journey on island with friends, Abruka Island offers unforgettable moments.

Book your sailing trip to Abruka today and immerse yourself in the charms of this beautiful island through sailing!

Read more about abruka:

- up to 10 people.
- 4 hrs / 400€ (about 2hrs on Abruka)
- Local services available for an additional fee.
- Extended stays on the island negotiable.
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